Passage in Antarctica

  A first Passage in Antarctica. We sailed during 1990-1991 to prepare this new adventure.

Passage, was our first boat, a 37ft sloop. We bought a bare hull, spend a few years of week-ends and vacations to complete sand blasting, weld-on deck fittings, and complete below deck accommodations. Years spent between home made work during days-off and a passionate job in the oil drilling. 

A nine months trip around Mediterranean sea before to sail South with some friends in 1990-1991.


On August  1990, first anchoring below Collioure church. First day, first anchoring, first boat. We never left Mediterranean, despite we head for Antarctica. It'll be the first time.

First times are not always best. Therefore today we return back South. 

Pile up 5 hundred fifty pounds guys in a dinghy, set a very small headsail, reef the main , and fly on the sea with a 40 knots winds. The story started like that. And by this day of August the &0th, we were heading to the Hercules columns, first stage of our unknown world. A little stress, we wanted to be courageous but not presumptuous..


Three weeks after  Ilha do Sal in Cabo Verde, great shower under the waterfall of Itaparica, an island facing Salvador de Bahia. In the back ground, a new Zealander, seduced forever by his pretty Brazilian woman..

At night, I  will stitch and

I am , after the

left with the endless refrain

one stitch, one stitch, one


Oh! wet misery of the Patagonia sailor. Where is the sun? Believe me, this is snorkeling, no longer sailing, so big the amount of water pouring onto our heads
The Big cape, Cape Horn, is on the left side. Therefore will turn on the depth sounder, just to avoid the shallow just in front of it. And you see; it will grow up a foot more, a shoal made from all the bottles of Champaign that the today sailors drop facing teh great Cap Horn!


Melchior Island, first Antarctica anchorage; On the beach there is a Waddell seal taking a little nap under the rain, and then behind me, at 30feet a sea Lion preventing the access to to the top of the hill; not friendly the chief! 


passage muoillage Videla2.jpg (70331 octets)

Anchorage besides the abandoned Videla scientific base. penguins settle there.

At high tide (4ft), I wanted to have  a look at that cave under the ice cliff. I tell you, the petrol engine is far  less ecologic, but far more efficient that the muscle power, because a ice piece fell from the cliff ant it didn't fit well for a whisky on the rock; I should have use a glass the boat size!!

Got hot spot there, it was time for a nice shower on deck: 18 degree Celsius .

il fait chaud2.JPG (71214 octets)

But everyone was hot that day!

il fait chaud jp2.JPG (71863 octets)

Hi guy! you are not serious, nobody will take us as adventurers or heroes now! We said , needs foul weather gears, storms, high winds, ....behave man! 

mouillage_Plenneau_Island.JPG (87730 octets)

Plenneau island anchorage. This will be our southern most spot. We missed Osiris a small centerboard boat that spent the all winter after the narrow after Passage. The glacier in the background is really red, not as much as on the picture but still red. We dig into it, but could find nothing. With Argonaute III we bring a microscope: just to see . And to understand why the ice is so reddish.

That year, an Norwegian/American couple spent the winter here, they reached this spot 2 weeks later.


I passed an Antarctica can of beer (Brazilian trade). She didn't like beer. Fine , I drank both!.

From that spot, we're heading North, back home. 

I swear, we'll come back!