Rules on board

Call or Wake up the captain if: 

  1. You bad weather coming, thunder lights or black clouds up wind;
  2. Somebody is hurt.
  3. You hear some suspect noise.
  4. you see any ship, lights or objects.
  5. The wind increases or change direction.
  6. A target appears on the radar or the sonar.
  7. Any other type of urgency. 

The captain sleeps much better if he trusts that you will call hi if anything new appears or changes. Better call him often and early than too late. If you are not sure , call him anyway.

Watch Rules

  1. Understand and follow rules on board an watch rules.
  2. Be ready to take your watch at least 5 minutes before the time with your harness and the equipment suitable for the weather.
  3. Know the navigation plan before your watch: route, sails, weather. Warn the captain for any maneuver.
  4. Talk with the watch you relieve to learn about the weather conditions and obviously with the people who relieve you.
  5. or the person on watch: note every hour in the log book, GPS position, heading, sea and wind conditions.
  6. Take a permanent watch: visual complete inspection round the horizon each 10 mn maximum.
  7. Adjust the autopilot and the sails cloths in order to keep the boat balanced.
  8. Keep a cockpit clear and ready for maneuver.
  9. Check the engines display every 15mn when it's running.
  10. Check at every watch  the boat bottoms inside the engine shacks, and at the mast foot taking care of the rest of the persons off watch.
  11. Check the fishing lines and the alternator line.
  12. No music inside the boat unless everybody is awake, use your walkman.
  13. Protect your night vision, using as little as you can the white ligth consulting chats and recording in the log book.
  14. Check that your personal safety lights are working (laser and flash) and keep them with you.
  15. Have a nice watch.