The skipper


  • Jean-Pierre,  skipper without certificate because the sea does doesn't support papers. Some years racing , one year voyage with the family in the Mediterranean , another voyage in Antarctica. Engineer in  Physics because trying to understand the world lead you somewhere. IN School ; Philosophers don't explain too much, one has to turn towards people who at least explain some things and answer your children questions with adult answers.

    Jean-Pierre built his first boat, and the good friend philosopher escaped with it. Never mind, I went to drill for oil to pay the next boat. Starting by a couple of years in Iran, during the Revolution followed by an operation in Senegal, one year in Casamance: Good operation, He goes to search for oil; that he couldn't find, and come back with his Penelope. Then Three years in France which allowed to fabricate two nice little sailors - that's not the hardest thing to do at least on the male point of view!. Jean-Pierre complete Passage and head for Antarctica.


  • Then, back to the real world, with three years in Oman, some years in Algeria inside the barb wires which were supposed to hold back from the rig sites the Allah's mad, couple of years in Nigeria where the rigs were invaded regularly by the villagers, communities like they say there.  

  • Jean-Pierre four times hostage free by the police work later between Chad, Iran, Iraq, Siberia to prepare contracts before to come back one more time to Nigeria. We find him there negotiating with the pipe line bombers the number of ghost workers necessary to be able to drill without high jacking, in the most corrupted country of the world that deepens days after days back into the ancient tribal ethnics war. 


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