Recommended personnel gear

The foul weather gear is compulsory  for each co-adventurer. Remind that each crew member will present: a medical certificate of fitness raised by a doctor, the proof of a accident and medical insurance as well as an insurance for medical evacuation, each member will need to fill in the medical questionnaire and a waiver letter.

 For every leg, you will need to bring in a soft travel bag (no hard case, roller case or armed haversack), you must be able to bring all your gear in that bag and a small backpack bag that will be useful for the land hiking and the scuba diving parties :

  1. Pills or patch against seasickness, or acupuncture. To be tested before coming on board to check secondary effect. 

  2. Sun glasses, polarized or for mountaineering.

  3. Photo/video equipment : on the Argonaut,  one can charged batteries either in 12v or 220volts, but you need to bring your specified chargers. Think to bring waterproof shields.

  4. Film (high speed for Patagonia, Alaska, Kerguelen, the backgrounds are very darks;

  5. Personal medical Kit ; all personal treatment, with a broad antibiotics; the medication for comfort and personal hygiene, with sun cream and lip protection, 2 towels and washcloth , small electronic clock , waterproof watch.

  6. Rubber boats with non-slip soles, choose one or two size bigger;

  7. Hiking shoes and getters; 

  8. Deck shoes or      for  board only, not to be used ashore

  9. Sleeping bag middle size for below deck,. (Some programs includes several days of hiking , a specific gear will be necessary;

  10. Wind proof Vest et pant; remember that blue-jeans and cotton clothes dry up not so easily;

  11. Watch vest and pant (with polar doubling)  

  12. Polar and normal  underwear 

  13. 2 Bonnets/passe montagne preferably;

  14. At least two pairs of gloves with rubber over gloves or Gore-Tex;

  15. For whose liking to scuba dive or snorkeling; a personal gear, Argonaute III provides only the  diving bottles, and there is only one stab on board.

  16. Passport.

or the sailing legs in the South, the Alaska and Canada :

  1. Foldable ski poles;

  2. Polar underwear with sock 4 pairs minimum;

  3. .

Overall don't forget the essential, a positive attitude and the desire to meet and learn from your co-adventurers.



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