The cruising expenses include  :

  1. The fuel, and the maintenance of the yacht, the food with alcoholic beverages (wine and beer in reasonable amount) the customs fees for the boat and the harbor fees. 

  2. The use of scuba diving equipment i.e.. compressor and bottles with pressure reducer, 

  3. The navigation.

The expenses do not include :

  1. The cost of the additional stops not included in this program

  2. The expenses for visas, repatriation in the case on non observance of the boat rules - and also use of forbidden products - drugs- .

  3. Personal expenses and insurances of any kind. 

  4. Air fare and any transportation expenses to join and leave the boat..



If for any reason, including  bad weather or accident out, some extra days are spent on  a particular legs, the additional days are due. Every day spent on board is due.

This is the normal expenses for life in town (without car and others taxes and fees) and should allow a comfortable life without being stuck to the common pasta, rice mashed potatoes. at the same time it is not free social welfare.


The voyages and some sailing legs will take place in remote areas, and the captain keep the right to modify the legs arrival in case of catastrophic weather conditions, political conditions or any reason beyond our control. Therefore , it is strongly advise to take a travel insurance, Thus the return flights must be open and we do not take any responsibility for connections missed due to bad weather or any other reason. 

Please ask for any information.


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