News of July 25th 2003

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We are coming close : 30 days left. Let say one month, the digit is smaller. Still a small check list after our first sailing day: Check starboard engine , heating up after we replaced the rubber pump turbine; We're going to replace the heat regulator.

then to prepare some straps for the reefing, install the easy jacks, calibrate the autopilot, install the computer and the printer, a capacitor on the SSB antenna. Looks like we are ending the master list!

Hoops we need to repair a leak on the whispergen water-cooling. 

The mainsail has been re-cut. All the ropes are new.


  Finally we keep only one tender , the new zodiac and the small HB 5 HP Yamaha.  We are only two for the first year except from time to time when will come family and friends
  Hey, let's not forget the captain overhaul! This Friday I spent a few hours with the surgeon. Should be OK within 10 days. 

Need to find also apartments for the children Benjamin is starting his university this September. 

  Fron August 15th, we start provisioning for the coming year.

Very important for all canned food, the only good cans , fair or only bearable are French. Even in the States there is nothing like. And you know I'm a good supporter : Best steak in Texas!



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