News of June 27th 2003

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The new lower spreaders and the back stay are installed. Missing the forestay and the genoa roller. 

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After check up of the tender of our first voyage, we find some weak points on the Metzeler : strange after 15 years! Decision o buy a new 10 ft Zodiac.

On going ; Revamp the two Outboards engines  (Yamaha 5Cs et Evinrude 2HP), cleaning & housekeeping.


August 25th  2003 Here is THE date. To many things to do, and some bad surprises such as re-cut the main, check the genoa length to fit  the new roller, by a new tender, etc etc etc...then take care of the children for next year. All these to explain that we postpone the departure to August 25th! Same date as for our first trip to Antarctica in 1990.  

It did work, so we go again same. We shouldn't be superstitious.... it gives bad luck!

The program then evolved , less stoppages more sailing for the first year. we cancel the trip to Patagonia before the big jump to Antarctica, just to spend Christmas in Mejillones cove. Anyway, Patagonia is on the program of the way back to home from Puerto Montt.



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