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July 25th 03 First sailing day after 8 months of revamping in three years on dry ground. Overhaul of the captain!,
July 06th 03 Install new life raft and seaman work.
June 27th 03 Install lower spreader and check tenders. New date for departure to August 25th 03
June 14 03 Back in the water and mast set up.  Antifouling, Housekeeping of spare parts.
May 21 st 03 Start Technical section (French for the time being) on the web site. Keep going with revamping.
May 09 03 Sort paper 434 paper charts and painting of the deck.
April 9th 03 Hi! Half a century for the captain already! So, we sail the world this year. Starting again with the revamping.
27/03/03  Visit to Comodoro Rivadavia in Argentina for the job and a little road trip to Punta Arenas.
20/02/03 New< web site revision: Crew agreement, boat regulation, boat rules, gear to bring.
25/11/03 Back from USA after 6 months in Corpus Christi. Resuming the work on Argonaute III.

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