Petites phrases bateaux:

It seems that boats eat relationships faster than salt water eats boats. Bateaux Selene -Paul Lutus

The man who would be fully employed should procure a ship or a woman, for no two things produce more trouble" - Plautus 254-184 B.C.

This new ship here is fitted according to the reported increase of knowledge among mankind. Namely, she is cumbered end to end, with bells and trumpets and clock and wires . . . she can call voices out of the air of the waters to con the ship while her crew sleep. But sleep Thou lightly. It has not yet been told to me that the Sea has ceased to be the Sea.
- Rudyard Kipling

"There are only three kinds of (fiberglass) boats. Those that have
blisters; those that had blisters and those that will have blisters."

From Raul Ronin...
"It is infinitely easier to shake out a reef when one is bored, than it is to try to tie one in when one is scared."

When I do something right, no one remembers.
When I do something wrong, no one forgets.

The difference between power boaters and sailors: power boaters want to BE somewhere; sailors simply want to GO somewhere. - Steve Gray, Weymouth, England

How can we miss you if you don't sail away?

eff Ross
Here lies the body of Micheal O'day
Who died maintaining his 'right of way'.
He was right, dead right, as he sailed along,
But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong.

In my life, I have lived on three different shores, swum in every ocean, trod every continent. It still astounds me that the only time I feel as though I have arrived, is when the final dock line is cast off. - Bill Fortner, Merchant Mariner