The philosophy to minimize the gray areas as far as it can be done. Any gray areas today is a problem for tomorrow.

Conditions for

Option 1 applies for long term stay on board above three months in a row, option 2 for shorter stays on board.


Two months advance to be paid 3 months before departure, and then expenses to be pai monthly from the day of boarding. Therefore on day one thre are three months paid in advance. Whenever no harbor are accessible during extensive legs, the payment must be organized anyway overseas or be paid on board.


According to the selected legs, and  and considering the number of days in the program, the reservation is confirmed when 50% are paid 3 months in advance before the date of departure. The balance is paid the day of boarding. 

Conditions for cancellation (pour option 1 et 2)

During the navigation, if a leg ends End in advance with regards to the plan,   The extra days paid in advance are refund except in non respect of the boat rules. 

In case of cancellation between 6 and 3 months before departure, refund of the advance less 500$ for administrative cost (to contact other crew and organize their trip. ).

 In case of cancellation, less than 3 months before departure, the funds paid are not refunded. In fact there is almost no time left for other crew members to organize their trip. This correspond to a firm commitment for the crew members; The yacht Argonaute will sail for three year, and we should plan enough ahead to give the opportunity to other crew members to share legs with vacancy. 

Leaving the board during a leg or part of the program reserved by th crew member either for "force majeure", illness, accident, family problems or non observance of boat rules, incompatibility - same as cancellation for less than three months. 

Cancellation for force majeure from the skipper side either for accident, boat damage or any other reason; refund of all advance paid for reservation or the number of days which were not spent on board. No other damage will be paid.

If for any reason, including  bad weather or accident out, some extra days are spent on  a particular legs, the additional days are due. Every day spent on board is due.

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