The Journey

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Please pay attention: Some legs in the deep South are demanding. Preference will be given to the participants who have a good experience sailing or would have share former legs with us. For example, between La Reunion Island and New Zeeland there is no way to take a break in a pub.


  • Recommended background

Participants are selected from an application sheet. The goal is to built crew that match together and are able to sail safely  the Argonaute in  all weather conditions. The co-adventurers will be chosen on the base of their attitude, their interest for sailing, their physical aptitude, and their commitment to participate fully to the day to day life on board.

For the legs below  the roaring forties, the participants will have at least an experience of the blue water sailing. The preference will be given to the persons we would have the chance to met personally; and discuss the goals and the philosophy of the expeditions. 

Attitude is more important than experience.

The goal of the Argonaute expedition is similar to the Argonauts, share with pleasure our adventures and discoveries. Keeping in mind that being relaxed from the pressure of our modern society in participant to the Argonaut's journey can be very demanding in term of stress and efforts in the harsh conditions of eth roaring Forties. 


  • Before to start your own adventure, participate to a blue water cruise.

  • Get the opportunity to visit to remote areas barely or never accessible to tourists.

  • Acquire blue water sailing skills and practice heavy weather sailing.

  • You participate to an unique experience, once upon life. 


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