MOB (Man over board)

First prevent it by following these 2 principles: 

ALWAYS wear your safety harness on deck.

One hand for you, one hand for the boat.

  1. Shout "man overboard , man overboard"
  2. One person point the finger on the victim and NEVER  stop  looking at him. 
  3. Throw the safety buoy.
  4. push MOB on the  GPS.
  5. Record heading, and stop the boat by turning into the wind Keeping the genoa until the other crew member are ready. 
  6. Circle the victim until he grab the safety line, or the water generator line.
  7. Stop the boat : roll the Genoa, lay down the main. Check there is no line overboard besides the safety line.
  8. Start the engines, lower the swimming ladder.
  9. Pull up the victim by the rear safety platform. Take care of the victim looking for hypothermia
  10. Count everybody specially by night.
  11. Take care of the victim and check everything is all right. 
  12. Resume sailing at reduced speed to stabilize the boat and prepare ht drinks.


Fire on board

  1. Shout  " Fire , Fire " to alert everybody.
  2. Try to extinguish immediately.
  3. Location of the fire extinguishers:
  1. On the galley facing the companionway
  2. Below the chart table
  3. At the foot of the mast in the hallway.
  4. Inside front shower cabin.
  5. Inside the generator shack.
  6. Below the galley floor for Starboard engine
  7. Below the chart floor for the port side engine.

See sketch

Abandon ship

  1. Sound Alarm to wake up everybody.
  2. The life vests are always stored at the same place  inside the front shower cabin. Nevre move tem unless to use them or for exercise.
  3. Do your best to save the boat.
  4. Control the damages and look for what can be repaired.
  5. The captain takes the decision to abandon the boat.
  6. Send a  MAYDAY from the  SSB, and  note position on the GPS.
  7. Gather the abandon drums with red top, recover portables VHF's; flashlights, first aid box, food, water fishing spear and arrows, fishing's gear, and repair sail box.
  8. Throw the life raft.
  9. Gather additional equipment foul weather gear, diving suit.
  10. NEVER QUIT A BOAT WHICH IS STILL FLOATING for a life raft or without an order from the captain.




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