Explore this site before joining Argonaute III in a voyage around  the world. 

Our Sailing boat  is a 50 footer Aluminum center-board, built in France by  Garcia shipyard with the objective of exploring the high latitudes and sharing our navigations and our adventures with a maximum of four people: family, friends, Co-adventurers. 

In 2003,  we'll set sail for our second voyage in Antarctica. Among the strong points, the visit of Kerguelen Islands, the  landing in the Adélie coast, first French  sailing boat  since her discovery by Dumont d' Urville in 1840, followed by a summer to Alaska before returning home by the Patagonia Canals, the Antarctic again and Quebec. 
Probably, a fast third return trip  in the Antarctic will enclose this round the world voyage, in order to offer to the children a small gift for the of end of University. This family stage is not mentioned in this program. 

Our mission:

To share our expeditions, and train you to the technique of ocean crossing and maintenance of a sea going yacht.

For that Argonaute III sails out again on the third small ball on the left. You can't see the first one!

Considering the picture, the seas of Roaring forties are less impressive! 

It would be a shame to damage this small blue ball. The next one; small livable planet, is statistically speaking, in a 50 light-year sphere i.e.  50 years of voyage at the speed of the light, 300 000km/second. Best that man can do now is  11 km/second, and still we  spend 2000 tons of fuel to send 3 fellows on the Moon located at 1,3 second-light: that takes 5 days! . At that speed, one arrives on next livable planet in 1,3 million years. On the condition of knowing where it is, and nobody knows today. Then imagine at a sailing speed of  7 knots! 

 Therefore we will  pay attention  not to damage our blue planet while passing by. 

Profile of the adventure:

This is not a  charter  but an adventure, where you  will learn how to live on a small boat according to the old proverb: 

"When you have to make your turn of wash dishing and galley, it is adventure, if not it is charter"


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